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Portrait Retouching

Portrait Retouching Example

Portrait retouching is the collective use of image editing tricks to bring extreme but realistic charm into portraits. It includes several tasks, such as fixing color issues, removing undesirable objects and elements, enhancing makeup, putting in additional effects, and much more. provides professional portrait retouching services that make your photo collection look spellbinding and sets you apart as a photographer. When working for photographers, we maintain consistency in our retouching that helps the photographers in creating an impression of personal touch. Outsource your retouching job to us and concentrate completely on your photography without any worries.

Portrait Retouching Example

Portrait retouching is all about making selective adjustments to soften skin, boost eyes, enhancing makeup and lift different areas


For over 11 years, has been assisting its clients in achieving their business goals with the help of striking product photos that render a significant rise in their sales. Having All requisite arrangements including brilliant infrastructure, state-of-the-art work stations, and most importantly, excellent human resources, we are able to offer top-notch quality image editing services. Take a look at some of our services and pick the one that you need.

What We Do?

As parts of our portrait retouching services, we perform the following tasks:

  • Balancing Skin Tone
  • Removing Acne, Scars & other Skin Imperfections
  • Airbrushing for Skin Enhancement
  • Removal of Red Eye
  • Color Correction
  • Hiding or Correcting Missing or Crooked Teeth
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Wrinkle Removal
  • Fixing Stray Hair
  • Removing Dental Braces
  • Correcting Eye Bags
  • Skin Smoothening
  • Facial Reshaping
  • Removing Double Chin
  • Body Reshaping
  • Lightening or Darkening Skin Tone
  • Changing Eye Color
  • Enhancing Shape of Eyes, Nose, Lips, etc.
  • Makeup Correction
  • Changing Hair Color
  • Resizing Photo
  • Transforming to Monochrome Portraits
  • Lips Retouching
  • Fingers & Nails Retouching
  • Extending Blur Effect to Background

Our portrait retouching services come for the following

  • Maternity Portraits
  • Twins and Triplets Portraits
  • Parent and Child Portraits
  • Family Portraits
  • Couple Portraits
  • Head shots Portraits

Baby Portraits

It really feels good when a new member comes to the family and gives you a reason to celebrate. But the little bundle of joy will soon grow and you must have a baby portrait shot before the tiny one steps into childhood. Most of the times, even after hiring the best photographers and using the most sophisticated cameras, baby portraits need some retouching for that perfect look. At such times, baby portrait retouching services from professionals can be utilized to get the best look of portraits. is serving its clients all across the globe with brilliant baby portrait editing services.

Why Choose Us?

Here are some of the reasons for you to trust us for baby portrait retouching services:

Experience- We have long experience in image editing field and have successfully delivered numerous image retouching projects so far. Our experience has given us adroitness to deal with all types of photo retouching jobs.

Cost-Effectiveness- One of the reasons behind our worldwide repute is the blend of quality and afford-ability we provide to our clients. Our services are offered at very low rates while making sure that the quality is not compromised with at all.

Swift Delivery- While executing all the projects we undertake, our graphic artists keep the deadline provided in mind and make certain that no project remains undelivered beyond the deadline.

No Obligation Quotes and Free Samples- If you have a retouching task or project to outsource, send us the details. We will reply with the quotation based on the level of complexity involved. You can also send us some portraits for free sampling. You can place an order if our samples match your expectations.

Customer Support- Either before submitting your project to us or after that, whenever you need to clear doubts about our services you can contact our customer support anytime. Our customer support team is active around the clock through multiple channels.



We endeavor to build long-lasting relationship with our clients by being customers oriented and providing our clients with the best service and flexibility. Who are seeking a high volume image editing and clipping service, no matter how large the workload, you can trust for outsourcing.