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Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Unlike other images, the process of retouching of jewelry photos is much more complicated and needs particular specialization. Tasks like fixing imperfection such as gaps, scratches, and dents; color correction; fixing defects; dust & spot removal; and adding shine can take the elegance of your jewelry to new heights but they require professional dexterity. Indeed, our jewelry image editing services are quite popular among our steady customers from around the world.

For a stimulating jewelry catalogue for your online store, it is critical that each listed jewelry item in the catalogue has a wonderful preview photo-graph, which is clear, detailed, sharp, and sparkling. However, unedited photographs of jewelry items clicked with any camera, however expensive and advanced, are a tad dull and need professional jewelry photo retouching service to appear equivalent to as they appear to the naked human eyes.

Our Jewelry Photo Retouching Samples

Background cut from image
Fixing imperfection such as gaps, scratches, fixing defects; and color correction; and adding shine can take the elegance of your jewelry to new heights but they require professional dexterity.

Our jewelry retouching services include

  • Cut out the image of the jewelry from the rest of the photograph to replace it with a more desirable background.
  • Working on the clarity and colors of the picture, after extracting it and placing it on a new back-drop.
  • Resizing the image to a compact version so that it is lightweight but fit for using as preview picture, thumbnail and for a zoomed-in view.
  • Tweaking the exposure levels and colors in the image as well as adjusting the brightness, contrast, and tones in the photograph for accentuating its visual appeal.
  • Removing unnecessary items from the photograph and replacing the vacuum with elements, color or pattern that matches the surrounding.

We Present Jewelry the Best Way

While jewelry is mighty popular among women for their ornamental value, our photo editing service is much in demand among our clients for accentuating the ornamental value of the photographs of jewelry items for their online store(s). Attractive presentation of the ornaments in the online catalogue expectedly increases the prospects of sale conversions of the items on the website. Our team of trained, skilled and experienced jewelry photo editing service providers, in turn, meticulously eliminate flaws from the photographs of jewelry items and retouch them to appear appealing to your target audience groups.

Our jewelry image editing services start with understanding the client requirements thoroughly. Keeping their needs in mind, we retouch the photographs using state-of-the-art technologies and solutions to enhance the look of the items. We pay attention to the nuances and remove any imperfections including spots and dullness. Also, we adjust poor exposure levels, contrast levels, color settings, etc., to render the images sharp, vibrant and picture-perfect.

View our Case Study - Image Retouching for Product Photography Studio

What We Offer in Jewelry Retouching Services

While retouching jewelry photos we religiously follow the instructions of the clients and undertake all or some, even more, of the following tasks as per their expressed wish.

  • Following the style of the clients as suggested through sample photos provided to us.
  • Fixing Imperfections like scratches and dents to beautify jewelry pieces
  • Color Correction is an essential part of jewelry photo retouching
  • Fixing defects to make jewelry look perfect
  • Spot & Dust Removal
  • Background Retouching
  • Adjusting Brightness & Contrast
  • We make the fine details in jewelry noticeable by retouching them the right way
  • Enhancing Lustre of the metal & material
  • Adding Shine to Gemstones
  • Maintaining & Augmenting Natural Shadows
  • Repairing gaps
  • Preparing Color Variants by changing colors of gemstones or material

Jewelry Photo Retouching Packages offers very affordable packages to e-commerce jewelry businesses which makes us a good image editing company to partner with. But reasonable pricing of our jewelry photo editing services doesn't let the quality of our services suffer. Our quality is unmatched.

We offer our services in two packages-

Pro Level

  • Background removal or clipping path of simple objects
  • Adjusting contrast, sharpness, etc.
  • Correcting imperfections, spots, scratches, etc.
  • Adding natural shadow
  • Resizing
  • Fixing gaps
  • Color correction
  • Detail accentuation

High-end Level

  • All Pro Level tasks
  • Background removal and clipping path of complex objects
  • Replacing or editing gems and stones
  • Reflection corrections
  • changing colors
  • Adding effects like drop shadow & mirror reflection
  • Redrawing ring mounts
  • Smoothening metal

Industries We Serve:

  • Physical Jewelry Stores
  • Jewelry Photographers
  • Jewelry Brochure Designers and Publishers
  • Jewelry Magazines
  • Jewelry Manufacturers
  • Jewelry Designers
  • Jewelry Design Studios
  • Online Jewelry Stores


We endeavor to build long-lasting relationship with our clients by being customers oriented and providing our clients with the best service and flexibility. Who are seeking a high volume image editing and clipping service, no matter how large the workload, you can trust for outsourcing.