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Image Background Cleaning

Merely getting your subjects clicked from a professional photographer using advanced DSLR gear cannot deliver flawless images. The RAW images thus obtained are often fraught with issues like graininess or noise, dull/faded colors, dark exposure/overexposure, unpleasant tint, excessive warmth or coldness, undesirable spots/shadows or unwanted objects in the background etc. Scanned images suffer from such imperfections more than the images obtained using a DSLR. These flaws are nothing but defects in the images that result into stealing away the focus from the main subject, to make it perfect image background cleaning services required.

Clean the dirty parts of an image and make the image look stunning. Scanned images might be dark, grainy, dirty or unbalanced and might need some correction work for an excellent look.

In other words, using the digital photographs as it is, sans suitable image editing and cleaning, would only defeat the very purpose of procuring the images, i.e. marketing and advertisement, on which you might be spending a good part of your budget. As such, it is vital for the success of your media campaigns to associate yourself with a genuine, affordable and professional image background cleaning service provider, to get the entire stock of your images suitably cleaned and processed, that is, before being submitted for use on any web page or paper printing or other media campaigns.

Photo Airbrushing

Our Services: offers a wide range of image background cleaning services to its clients. If you have a stock of images that require cleaning process, then you are at right place. We are one of the world's leading image cleaning service providers having long years of experience under our belt. Have a glance at the services offered by us:

Removal of People and Objects- If you have an image that is perfect except some objects or people that are taking away the focus from the main subject, we can remove them in no time.

Background Color Change- In case you have requirement of some specific color background for your image, give it to us and our professionals will first remove the background then change the color of the background flawlessly.

Watermark Addition or Removal- For those who want all their images to feature a particular watermark, our services can be greatly helpful. And in case, your images are already having some watermarks and you want to get rid of it, again we are there for you.

Dark Spots Removal- Sometimes you have to replace background of a photo just because it's fraught with dark spots. You don't really need to do so, as we can eliminate such dark spots perfectly, giving the image an excellent overall look.

Background Editing- Our background editing services include adjustments like color contrast or brightness correction. Such kind of changes can lay big impact on the charm of an image.

Please refer to our portfolio page to see the examples of image cleaning services. can handle all types of image processing projects, below is an example of standard image cleaning service.

Image Cleaning Services:

Image cleaning service is used to clean the dirty parts of an image and make the image look stunning. Scanned images might be dark, grainy, dirty or unbalanced and might need some correction work for an excellent look. You may often be at a loss after seeing the scanned version of your photos or images. A messy scanned image needs to be cleaned up.

With the advent of digital image editing through computer aided graphics software, Image background cleaning services have gained a great momentum. Our graphics design house offers you to bring the problem to us and we make the scanned or stock images clean and functional. We will create the photo you are going to be happy with.

We have 5 sequential years of experience in providing image editing, cleaning, retouching and enhancement services to worldwide portrait studios, organizations, professionals, photographers etc.



We endeavor to build long-lasting relationship with our clients by being customers oriented and providing our clients with the best service and flexibility. Who are seeking a high volume image editing and clipping service, no matter how large the workload, you can trust for outsourcing.