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Body Retouching and Reshaping

With the swiftly increasing use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. the tendency of sharing all your enjoyable moments through beautiful photographs is also getting pace. And the photo sharing websites like Instagram and Pinterest have added to the craze. But as they say, "nobody's perfect" and we all wish if we looked a little more appealing in our photos. Some people want their waist to look somewhat slimmer and some want their eyes to appear bigger. Here at, we have been doing such things for many years. Our body retouching and reshaping services are well known all over the world and we enjoy having an enviably long list of happy clients.

Photo airbrushing

What Do We Offer under Body Retouching and Reshaping Services?


When it comes to retouching, all the following things are taken into account by our team:

Skin Retouching- Even if you have a flawless skin and it's reflecting in your photographs, retouching can enhance it manifolds. In portrait retouching services all the blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines can be removed. Also, you can get the tone of the skin changed as per your wish. Skin retouching also leads to refreshed and radiant skin.

Eye Retouching- Whether it's removal of red eye or changing eye color in photographs, our experts can do it all. Some other aspects of eye retouching are removing dark circles and eye bags, elongating or darkening lashes, reshaping eyebrows and adding virtual eye makeup like eyeliner, eye shadow or mascara.

Lips and Teeth Retouching- Our experts can remove your braces and whiten your teeth to offer a striking look. Moreover, we can plump or shrink lips, if required, to make your smile look more appealing.

Hair Retouching- What all we cover in hair retouching is changing color, removing gray hair or baldness, lengthening or shortening hair, make hair curly etc. Apart from that, removing, adding or trimming beards or mustaches is also undertaken.

Body Reshaping

Our body reshaping services include:

Elongating or Slimming Body- Our highly skilled professionals can elongate your legs and make you look taller and more attractive. They can also slim your waist and hide your tummy.

Breast Enlargement and Reduction- Women always want to look stunning in their photos. For this they need to have a body with all body parts in appropriate proportion. If you want your breasts to be enlarged or reduced in photos, we can make that happen in no time.

Adding Muscles- Somebody shot you while you were swimming or having sun bath and now you don't find your body perfect! There's a great solution for it; send your photos to us and have a better version of the photo with you having a muscular body.

Facial Sculpting- While sculpting your face, our image experts will make your cheeks plumper or slimmer as per your say, raise cheekbones, and reshape your forehead, nose and chin.

If you are looking for an experienced and esteemed image editing company for body retouching and reshaping services, we can be of great help. Send us some photos for free trial and check our quality now. You can contact us for any queries you come across.



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