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E-commerce Store Image Management

An e-commerce store interacts with its customers through the images of the products it sells. The quality of the images posted in the store obviously has a direct effect on the good health of the business itself. Indeed, whether a photographer or a business house or an affiliate website, everyone finds e-commerce store image management services useful.

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Our team is a cool crew of expert, experienced and eclectic photo editing professionals who have an impressive track record of editing varied photographs to perfection. We are passionate about our work, which ensures a flawless finish and excellent quality in our services. We are well acquainted with all the insider tricks of the trade and no image manipulation job is too difficult for us. Be it removing or adding a person, object, sky, background or reducing wrinkles or removing red eye and so on, every such job comes to us like second nature, and as such, each job is accomplished in a fraction of time than others image editing companies out there tend to take.

we ensure that e-commerce catalog always stays permeated with bright, clear and vibrant pictures of the corresponding products listed within

At, we also grasp the importance of delivering quality photographs in quick turnaround time, for an e-commerce store. We are very much concerned with your business goals and undertake editing jobs on a bulk basis and deliver outputs within a short period of time. Thus, we ensure that your e-commerce catalog always stays permeated with bright, clear and vibrant pictures of the corresponding products listed within.


Amazon prefers a minimum of 1000 pixels in either width or height. Unwanted object should be removed from background, the base must be pure white where the product must cover at least 85% of the image frame. Text, logos, watermarks, mannequins, and borders are not allowed, Amazon encourage to upload ghost mannequin images.


Shopify just has size-related restrictions for product images. It suggests 2048 x 2048 pixels where 4472 x 4472 pixels is maximum. Besides, The file size should not exceed 20mb. Shopify store owners enjoy liberty in background color, frame area occupation, etc.


When it comes to the image size, eBay allows a minimum of 500 x 500 pixels and a maximum of 9000 x 9000 pixels. The file size should be under 12 MB only. Scaling up of thumbnail images is strictly forbidden by eBay. The product photos must not contain borders, watermarks, logos, brand names, offers, or any other kinds of information.


For main product images, Magento suggests 470 x 470 pixels without zoom and 1100 x 1100 pixels with zoom. Magento is silent about other things which means it allows you to customize your imagery the way you want.

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Our e-commerce store image management services include:-

  • Cropping, color balance, adjustment of brightness, saturation, noise reduction, split toning etc.
  • Removal of spots, shadows, creases, fine lines, color casts and/or unwanted objects, people, background etc. in the photographs
  • Addition of objects, persons, shadows, background in the photographs to suit the custom requirement
  • Correcting shape and/or size of the images

Our loyal clients from around the world include:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Photo studios/professional photographers
  • Photo editing agencies
  • Catalog publishers
  • Webmasters
  • Web designers
  • Online art galleries
  • E-book editors
  • Real estate agents
  • e-commerce stores
  • and many more...

By subscribing to our services, you actually choose to save valuable efforts and most importantly time, as we assure quick turnaround time for each image at very economical rates.

To know more about our affordable and fast e-commerce store image management services, please mail. Our representative will soon revert back.



We endeavor to build long-lasting relationship with our clients by being customers oriented and providing our clients with the best service and flexibility. Who are seeking a high volume image editing and clipping service, no matter how large the workload, you can trust for outsourcing.