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Client: Online Lifestyle Store, the U.S.A.

Case Study
Product Image Editing for Online Lifestyle Store

Client’s Overview
The client is the owner of an online lifestyle store that offers numerous products such as clothes, jewelry, accessories, footwear, beauty and health products, electronics, beddings and curtains, furniture etc.

Project Requirements:
Display of attractive and detailed images is the basic essentiality of e-commerce based businesses. The success of an online store is largely dependent on the images put on the online store and other web based platforms. The below mentioned requirements were defined by our business development team after going through the instructions provided by the client:

  • Background to be changed to white
  • Resizing the images to 1001px X 1001px
  • Renaming the images as per website requirements
  • Turnaround time for all images 18-24 hours
  • Products’ details to be brought out clearly

Solutions Provided:
As the project came from an e-commerce store, it was a sizeable one requiring us to edit a large number of images every day. The actions we took for successful accomplishment of the project are discussed below:

  • To make sure that neither quality nor turnaround is compromised with, we selected some of our most efficient image editors and make a separate team for the project. Each member in the team was instructed to take care of both quality and timing.
  • The renaming conventions suggested to us by the client were communicated to all the professionals deployed on the project, so that no image was finished with improper naming.
  • As all the images were to be resized to 1001px X 1001px, all the designers were asked to follow the resizing instruction without fail.
  • In order to ensure unmatched quality product images, we made a team of 3 quality analysts to check the output before final delivery. They used to analyze the edited images on a daily basis so that the delivery isn’t delayed at all.
  • For timely delivery, we made special arrangements and appointed 2 supervisors having considerable experience in handling product image editing teams. These supervisors were there for resolving any issues that image editors encountered while executing the projects.

The Outcomes
The hard work and dedication we put in the work brought great results and we delivered the project within the stipulated time frame, making our clients happy with the images in all respects. Our client found the delivered images perfect and send special compliments for our team members.

Benefits to the Client:
Impressively Detailed Images- E-commerce products sell better if images display all the relevant details properly. Having detailed images, the sales of our client experienced a boom and brand image strengthened quite shortly.
Quick Processing- As the images were edited as per the schedule, our client was able to go ahead with the planned business operations in a timely manner.
Enhanced Online Visibility- Renaming of the images keeping search engine practices in mind led the client to better online visibility.
Better User Experience- Good-looking and informative images helped the online store provide better experience to the visitors of the store.

Client’s Remark:
Thanks a lot for such brilliant processing of my pictures. You haven’t disappointed me anywhere. The images are stunning and you are never late. So, it’s a total win-win situation. -William Sheffield

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