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Case Study
Image to Vector Conversion for Animation Studio

Client’s Overview
This client is an animation studio in Australia which helps creates animated clips and small videos for advertisement and promotion of its clients. Many advertisements produced by the studio have been aired on several national TV channels of Australia.

Project Requirements
Being a part of the animation and advertisement industries, our clients were encountering image to vector conversion requirements every now and then. After having a meeting with the clients, our business development team found out the following requirements:

  • Vector Artwork Conversion
  • Convert Sketches into Vector Art
  • Convert Logo to Vector

Solutions Provided
The clients had sent us various types of images for vectorization including sketches, logos and paintings. To ensure brilliant quality of the images, we took the following steps:

  • To start with, we performed an internal check to make sure that we have the latest versions of all the required software and applications. We also checked that all our workstations were working fine. The various types of tasks involved in the project necessitated efficient resources to deliver excellence.
  • We made a team of those image editors who were proficient in image to vector conversion for flawless results. All the designers deployed on the project had an average experience of 2 years and 4 months.
  • 1 vectorization veteran was appointed as their team leader for resolving any issues faced by the designers. The team leader had to ensure timely and flawless delivery of the project.

The Outcomes
Due to all the efforts we made and the strategy we adopted, the project was delivered successfully on time. Our clients were very happy with the final images and send us some fresh images to vectorize soon thereafter. Now they are our permanent client.

Benefits to the Clients
Spectacular Ads- The use of sharp and crisp scalable vector images enabled the studio to make visually attractive ads. Thus, it provided good client satisfaction.
Enhanced Business Reputation- With perfect vector images, the advertisements created by the studio got huge popularity and the business reputation increased by a great extent.
More Clients- In order to get a better display of their products and services, many new clients approached the studio and the client base of the studio expanded considerably. It obviously increased the revenue of the company in a very short period of time.

Client’s Remark
Thanks for shouldering so much of our workload. I respect you guys for providing great quality images. I will look forward to work with you soon. - George Corrie

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