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Client: Product Photography Studio, Germany


Case Study
Image Retouching for Product Photography Studio

Client’s Overview
It’s a product photography studio situated in Berlin, Germany and provides product photo shoot services for both digital and print purposes. The studio has nationwide clientele and enjoys great reputation in the industry.

Project Requirements
Being a highly esteemed organization, the clientele of the studio was expanding with each passing day and they were in a strong need of an image retouching partner. Having a detailed discussion with the client, we figured out the below mentioned requirements:

  • Skin smoothening
  • Virtual makeup, where required
  • Braces removal
  • Eliminating spots and dust
  • Colorization and color correction
  • Adjusting contrast
  • Red eye removal and eye beautification
  • Body reshaping

Solutions Provided
The studio had a wonderful brand image, which required us to work carefully and come up with magnificent results. The steps we took to ensure that are:

  • Before commencing the image editing work, we checked that all the workstations were in perfect condition and had all the required software applications. It was imperative for executing complex editing tasks involved in the project.
  • The professionals deployed on the project were efficient of handling good workload while making sure that the output features brilliant quality. All of them were well-versed with various image editing software and techniques.
  • Some senior image editors were appointed to supervise the entire project. Those supervisors were to make certain that each image was edited in accordance with the client’s instruction and there were no imperfection left at all.

  • The Outcomes
    We worked in a close tandem with the client which resulted in amazing results. The delivered images were as per their requirements and they expressed their satisfaction in form of an impressive testimonial.

    Benefits to the Clients
    Better Display of Site- The appealing images we delivered enhanced the appearance of the site significantly and led to a stronger brand image of the studio.
    Enhanced User Experience- Due to the detail accentuation, users were able to comprehend the specifications of the products quite easily which enhanced the user experience. The nice experience of the end users gained our client more projects down the line.
    Time Saving- Image editing is a time-consuming job and outsourcing it to us proved to be a smart decision by the client. They were able to pay better attention on their core activities and hence, got encouraging results out of their efforts.

    Client’s Remark
    Wonderful! It’s really wonderful. The quality of your work is impeccable and I sincerely believe nobody can provide such brilliant product image retouching work in so short time. You guys are just awesome! -Heribert Schreber

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